Deciding on an Accommodation Lord Howe Island

If you lead a hectic lifestyle every day, then it is time for you to go out on a holiday. Get a break from your daily work schedule and get refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you decide to go out on a holiday with your friends or your own family, it is always recommended that you choose a holiday location that helps you feel happy and refreshed. Even doctors today ask their patients to go out on a vacation once every six months to get away from the daily city life and to let your mind rest for a few days.

When it comes to a vacation spot, there are several options open for you. One of the biggest attractions for global tourists is the Lord Howe Island. It is basically situated between New Zealand and Australia and happens to be a volcanic remnant. It is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit for a few days with your near and dear ones. You will find a coral reef lagoon that is well covered by a sandy shelter on the west coast of Lord Howe Island.

Although most of the population lives in the northern region of the island, the south is also quite beautiful and is dominated by forested hills that rise to almost 2871 feet above sea level. There are approximately 28 islands, rocks, and islets that comprise the Lord Howe Island.

Capella Lodge

When it comes to a proper accommodation on Lord Howe Island, you will find several lodges on where you can stay properly and happily. However, one of the best of all the lodges on the island is the Capella Lodge. It happens to be a luxury premium boutique lodge on the island that provides you with stunning views of the mountains and the ocean. The lodge provides relaxed sophistication, contemporary cuisine, and first name service to all its guests.

There are 9 different suites in this lodge all of which complement the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature and also provide a luxurious refuge to its guests. All the suites are spaciously designed and equipped with all the modern amenities that are needed in this era. These rooms have light filled interiors and comprise of marine ply joinery and timber flooring. You will find TV, telephone, DVD player, wireless internet connectivity and many more services available in each suite.

During your stay at the Capella Lodge, you can go out to explore different parts of the Lord Howe Island. You will notice that it barely 11 km long and 2 km wide at its widest point. Majority of this island is covered with greenery and the water surrounding the island is crystal clear. There are plenty of marine life and birds on the island and the beaches are pristine with no sign of pollution in any form. You can go for snorkeling to experience the beautiful coral reef. Bottom boat tours are also there to let you enjoy the views of the various coral formations and breathtaking reef fishes.

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