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In the third quarter even, Tesla’s GAAP EPS for the time was $0.27 which were the fifth consecutive quarter. Although the company has a sales of 331 million dollars below the expected 391 million dollars, the drop was attributed to a $543 million offset on stock, above the predicted 330 million dollars. However, as Tela stock news is continuously profitable, it is harder for birds to use the logic of profitability to explain a short place in the business.

Moreover, Tesla currently has the highest cash balance in its history since the latest capital increase. The cash balance of the company rose to $14.5 billion at the end of September, a rise of 69% Q&Q (or 172% Y / Y). The surplus cash will presumably be utilised to improve the battery production of the firm in 2021, and to finance its growth in the months ahead.

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As we discussed earlier in this report, much of the sales of the company will remain for the automobile industry. If the demand for battery electric vehicles matures, more profit will be generated. Tesla’s advantage will continue to be the first-mover in EV space. In the third quarter, Tesla produced a total of 145k cars and supplied 139,6k cars. These estimates will begin to grow in the following months, as demand rises in Fremont and Shanghai Gigafabrics. The launch of Tela stock news  giga factories in Berlin and Texas would also help the company expand its output significantly by the end of next year.

At this point, it’s just time for the planet to get neutral with carbon. Many polls suggest that people are more interested in owning an electric battery than an internal combustion engine. When more environmental laws, such as the banning of diesel cars, takes off around the world, more people start driving electric vehicles. Germany had only recently agreed that its VAT prices on EVs should be lowered and that the discounts for buying them should simultaneously be raised, while France agreed to encourage the purchases of BEVs rather than ICEVs.

Furthermore, we must not ignore that by 2025, China, which is the world’s largest market for vehicles, plans to make 25% of its cars eco-friendly. This lets Tesla grow its market share. Moreover, it makes sense for Tesla to build a stronger footing after Xi Jinping ‘s announcement that China plans to become carbon neutral within the next four decades. Two years ago in Shanghai, the firm had already established its Gigafactory, and today Tesla Model 3 is the region’s most selling EV. With China continuing to dominate the car industry, Tesla will only help broaden and accelerate demand in the coming years. If you want to know more information relating to releases of TSLA, you can check at

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