The Most Wonderful Hot Springs Oregon

Hot Springs Oregon

Hot Springs Oregon, Oregon is home to a number of hot springs, including those in Eugene, Bend and Portland, and these are 10 of the must-visit destinations to relax and unwind. There are breathtaking hot springs sprinkled throughout the United States, and Oregon is a haven for many of these geothermal, natural wonders. While several of the mineral-rich pools dot the Cascade mountain range, there are also warm springs to take a soothing dip in all over the state.

Hot springs like the ones found at Hart Mountain National Elk Refuge provide more isolated settings and vibrant night skies, while popular options such as Bagby Hot Springs entertain larger crowds on the weekends. Privately owned hot springs like Belknap or Breitenbush add plenty of amenities to your stay, while Bigelow Hot Springs and other primitive soaking circles require no reservations.

Hot Springs Oregon
Hot Springs Oregon

Cougar Hot Springs Oregon

Cougar (aka Terwilliger) Hot Springs is a local favorite. Located about an hour away from Eugene, the five serene, cascading pools are linked by stone slabs. The springs are located about a quarter mile into the Willamette Forest via a short hike through old tree growth and are open year-round. The fee is $6/day or $60/year if you purchase a season pass.

Six bucks will get you daily access to Cougar Hot Springs which is one of the few year-round accessible springs on this list. Located a mere hour east of Eugene, this spring is a popular weekend wilderness retreat. Nearby Cougar Reservoir, Terwilliger Falls, multiple campgrounds, and an expansive network of hiking/biking trails make this a comprehensive recreation destination.

Umpqua Hot Springs Oregon

Whether you’re finishing a mountain biking trip on the North Umpqua Trail or just exploring the waterfalls of this beautiful Southern Oregon canyon, Umpqua Hot Springs always makes for a great stop. Swimwear is not common so, as always, prepare for a naked buttock or two.

Two trails begin from the Umpqua Hot Springs Trailhead. One leads up the beautiful Dread and Terror section of the NUT, while the other crosses the river turns right and heads up a steep but short trail. To a collection of small hot spring pools. If you go midweek, there’s a fair chance you’ll have a pool to yourself but on weekends, this is less likely.

Bagby Hot Springs

Bagby provides the most developed hot springs within a primitive setting. Much in thanks to volunteer efforts and coordination with the U.S. Forest Service, Bagby offers three distinct bathhouses featuring a variety of soaking options. Perhaps the most coveted, five private stalls at Bagby include hand-carved cedar log tubs with hot water piped directly from the source. Other soaking spots at Bagby include six-foot-round community tubs under hand-built awnings. This is a very popular place in the evenings and weekends.

It’s a drive on gravel and forest roads to visit Bagby. And detailed directions and a map are a good idea. The Bagby Hot Springs Campground adjacent to the trailhead is a good option for spending the night. As camping is not allowed at the hot springs themselves. A $5 fee for hot spring use is collected at the trailhead by an attendant or can be deposited into a fee box. The 1.5-mile trail to reach the hot springs follows the banks of the scenic Collawash River.

Bagby Hot Springs Oregon
Bagby Hot Springs Oregon

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

The springs at Crystal Crane offer public and private soaking options and are well developed and maintained. A large communal pool is accessible for a $3.50 day fee. And the private bathing rooms are offered at a $7.50 day use fee. For the full experience, grab some friends and stay in the on-site teepee.

Other Best Hot Springs In Oregon

Deer Creek Hot Springs

Also called Bigelow Hot Springs, this pool is nestled along the edge of the McKenzie River. It’s more warm than hot, but it’s a perfect pool to relax and watch the river. Flow by even on a more humid summer day. There’s no fee and it’s a short easy hike to access, but keep remember that its small size means it can get crowded on a day.

McCredie Hot Springs

Located just off Highway 58 in the recreation corridor heading to Willamette Pass east of Eugene. McCredie Hot Springs is open year-round and features a large 15-by-20 party pool along with quieter rock-lined pools.

Temperatures range from 95 to 105 degrees and the pools sit alongside Salt Creek.  Swimsuits are rare and truckers often stop here. So, leave your modesty at the car door. Many great activities beckon locsted nearby, including Salt Creek Falls, one of Oregon’s tallest waterfalls, 10 miles up the road.

Cove Warm Springs

This family-friendly spring looks more like a swimming pool than a naturally occurring hot spring. Located within the town of Cove, the 60×65 foot concrete pool is constantly refreshed by a magnificent flow of 110 gallons per minute.

The pool is naturally maintained at a pleasant 86 degrees throughout the summer season, justifiably earning its “warm springs” moniker.

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