Memories Varadero Beach Resort

Memories Varadero Beach Resort

Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Varadero, Memories Varadero Beach Resort is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway or an exciting family vacation. Take in the stunning views of sparkling pools, blue skies, and turquoise Caribbean waters which complement the lush gardens and tropical foliage surrounding the resort.

Spacious guestrooms and suites feature deluxe amenities are available in a variety of categories perfect for couples, solo travelers, and families alike. For those seeking an exclusive vacation experience, Memories Varadero offers a Diamond Club™ package featuring premium services and amenities.

Memories Varadero Beach Resort
Memories Varadero Beach Resort

Guests can enjoy a variety of all-inclusive amenities and services for an incredible vacation experience. Choose from an extensive collection of global cuisines at our international buffet, 9 restaurants, and 9 bars. Whether you wish to fill your days with non-stop action, or lounge by the pool with a refreshing cocktail, Memories Varadero ensures the perfect vacation for travelers of all types.

Memories Varadero Beach Resort Reviews

I have been to Cuba 4 times and have stayed in 4, 4.5 and 5 star resorts. Memories was dubbed a 3 star but in my opinion it is definitely a 4. I found the check in process quick and seamless and the lobby staff was very friendly and welcoming.

We were in building 20, room 20210; the room and bathroom was dated but it was perfectly clean, the beds were comfortable, we had lots of water pressure and hot water. Our housekeeper, Sandra, was excellent and made every effort to make us comfortable; she left us a note welcoming us to the resort and on another day left another note to let us know that she would be back in the afternoon to bring clean towels (she changed our towels every 2 days which was very generous).

We mostly ate at the buffet and the 24 hr snack bar and both were more than adequate to meet our needs. We also ate at the Italian restaurant; we had pizza and gnocchi and both were excellent! All of the bars (lobby, beach and pool) had excellent staff and lots of options for drinks.

 Memories Varadero Beach Resort Reviews
Memories Varadero Beach Resort Reviews

We took in 3 nights of entertainment and all 3 shows were definitely worth taking the time to go to.

The beach and pools were clean and well maintained; the beach could use some new chairs as some were saggy or broken and we occasionally had difficulty finding 3 that would be comfortable. There were lots of garbage cans available to dispose of cups, cigarette butts, etc……if the GUESTS would use them rather than just leaving their garbage on the ground it would go a long way toward keeping the grounds clean!

WIFI is available at the lobby and the theatre; it was slow but that hasn’t been any different in any of the other resorts that I have stayed in.

As I mentioned before, the staff was very pleasant and friendly; I had read reviews that identified staff as rude, but the only rude people I encountered were other guests. Please, thank you and a smile go a long way in helping make your stay more enjoyable!

Seniors should be aware that it is quite a step up into the shower/tub (at least in building 20). The beach is quite a walk from the main lobby and buffet. The quiet pool is the shortest distance from the lobby. There are always golf carts going back and forth to the beach from the lobby; however, if you choose to walk to the beach or active pool it is quite a trek!

Grand Memories Varadero Beach Resort

In the middle of January when winter was fighting to hold on with everything it had, we decided to escape and head south.

Way south.

We traveled to Varadero, Cuba from January 12 – 20 and stayed at the all-inclusive Memories Varadero Beach Resort. Online, Memories is listed as family -friendly with a lot of things to do for everyone in the family. In researching if this destination was a good fit for us, we checked the reviews out on Trip Advisor.

After reading a lot of the negative reviews, we almost canceled our trip, but now that we have been there and experienced the resort for ourselves, that would have been a mistake. We are all glad we made up our own minds to go.

We traveled from Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and our two daughters, ages 4.5 years and 20 months old at the time. Joining us at the same resort, a couple of days later, was my sister and brother-in-law from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For reference, my husband, two girls and I stayed on the third floor in an ocean-view room in building 33 and my sister and brother-in-law stayed on the third floor in building 34, also an ocean-view.

Getting Around Memories Varadero Beach Resort

This resort is very big and it covers a large area. Walking from the rooms nearest to the ocean back up to the lobby took us about 15 minutes at a solid pace with our girls in a stroller. It is a nice walk and we really enjoyed it, but if you have mobility issues you will want to look in to where you want to spend the majority of your time while at the resort as well as the floor you are on (the buildings are three stories tall, no elevators).

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